Who Are We?  

We believe that marketing your business should be fun. We also know that it’s not for everyone. Let us be the heart of your marketing.

This is us. Two women, (Amie & Emma) with many many years of experience creating brands, writing communications and marketing products and services for big, small and even smaller companies and not-for-profits – the whole shebang, really! We’ve started and successfully run businesses of our own with kids and home life also thrown in the mix.

You see, we know the juggle is real when it comes to running a small business and with so many plates spinning it’s easy for marketing to be the one plate left wobbling. The Marketing Heart is your go to place to get that plate spinning again.

The best thing (well it’s not really the best thing, our services are, but…) there’s no contract, no commitment to work with us month on month, and no expensive monthly fee. All our services are flexible and affordable for small business owners, like you. 


This is Amie. A mum to two. Wife of one [LOL]. A fitness loving and shoe obsessed girly girl. Always up for a cuppa or cocktail – not in the same sitting! I’ve worked in marketing for over fifteen years – wow, really that many already – met some truly amazing and inspirational people along the way and I am ready to meet many more (that’s you btw).

Emma and I hit it off straight away. A quick chat in her kitchen – after I responded to a Facebook post asking for some help to bring her brilliant marketing ideas to life as she was busy taking photos of cute babies and their families (she’s an amazing photographer in case you didn’t already know) with little time to do anything else – turned into a long old natter over tea & a biscuit!! A few years (& many biscuits) later – here we have The Marketing Heart – our new venture to support others in their business journey.


This is Emma. Also a wife, mum of one. Step mum to two. You can see why Amie and I get on. Also a shoe-loving, cocktail drinking entrepreneur. After working in marketing for twenty years, I started my own successful photography business, which I have been running for the last 6 years. 

But after COVID hit, and we all had to rethink our business models, Amie and I realised that there were so many small businesses out there, like ours, that needed help. Busy trying to stay afloat and keep the money coming in. but having no idea how, and usually no time to do it. Amie and I realised that our experience and knowledge of how to run a business, and having met all the hurdles along the way, that we can help businesses like yours, keep thriving, in such a challenging world.