Google Only Loves You When Everyone Else Loves You First

by | Feb 23, 2021

Exactly that! Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first”, thank you Wendy Piersall (author, artist & social media expert) this is very aptly put! But, what does that mean and how do you get everyone to love you so Google does too?

What are we talking about?

Essentially, we are talking SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and we will bang on about this A LOT here on the blog and on our social media pages, because it is so very important for your brand to get noticed online.

It’s all about the people

Now we are talking about the importance of people, the web searchers, and to be more specific your followers, fans and loyal customers, to make Google see you as an expert in your field and a popular choice.  

Surprise! Top of the list for building a strong, engaged and loyal customer base is Social MediaInstagram, Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest included. Make sure you have a business (not personal) account for each of the platforms you use. Facebook has the biggest community and is the perfect place for your customers to post reviews (remember to ask them for one) Instagram is a visual and engaging place to showcase products and services as well as being a really good platform to build relationships and grow a community with new and existing clients. Twitter for Business is very newsy and current. Pinterest allows you to share images with links directly back to your website – remember the link! You see, linking is key, you have to direct your followers back to your website at every given opportunity. From the posts on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to the one URL you are allowed in your Instagram bio (you only get one so make it work).

Top tip!! Lots of Instagram accounts use an app called Linktree which hosts a number (as many as you like) of links back to different pages on your website – it’s a bit like a redirect as Instagram only allows one URL in your profile. Here’s the tip – if you can, try hosting these links on a page (which is hidden) on your website. That way, you’ll get the traffic directly back to your website rather than someone else’s… they call that removing the middle man! If you would like any tips on doing that, please get in touch. You can see an example of how we do it here:

Let’s just recap. So, you need lots of followers to link back to your website from multiple places, regularly. That’s easy enough right? It should be, all you need is regular and relevant content for your customers to keep coming back for more, and Google will start to recognise that your website is a place to visit for expert advice & tips. Google likes that!

But what if it’s not working?

The content is ready. You are posting but not getting the hits you need. Have you looked at when your audience is online? You can do this by using the analytics in your social media apps. Post when they are online – it might sound impossible if your audience are night owls or early morning risers – but that’s what social media schedulers are for (we’ll write a blog on schedulers soon, it’ll make more sense then).

Maybe the content is just not hitting the spot. Try some different ideas. Look at what your competitors are putting out there and do something similar (if they are getting lots of engagement, it might work for you too).

Blogging builds communities! We know we talk about blogging a lot too, that’s because, one we love doing it (for us and our clients) and two, SEO loves fresh content… so it’s paramount that you do it regularly. Blogging for SEO will be covered in another blog, but we will tell you now – that you should be linking to other pages on your website in the blog (internal linking).

Review. Review. Review.

Ask for reviews from your happy customers or clients. A review with a link to your website – voila! Start to collaborate with other similar businesses to drive engagement by running a social media competition with a like/follow/share/email sign-up call to action – this could work wonders!

As long as Google sees you as an expert in your field, that will result in a better Google ranking!

Google loves you. Google loves you. Oh yes, Google does!!

If you are feeling confused or unsure how to go about getting started. We can help. Take a look at what freebies, marketing templates and services we offer. Or say for a chat. You can also follow us on Instagram and Facebook where we share lots of useful tips & tricks.

Now, did you see what we did in the last paragraph here [LOL]

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