Setting Up A Google My Business Page

by | Feb 24, 2021

As we’ve said before, setting up a Google My Business page is a must for any business. If you’re not recognised as a business by Google, you will find it harder to rank in the listings. Luckily setting up a Google My Business page is super easy by following the steps below.

Setting up your page – Step 1

Head to and the following page will appear. Next to the magnifying glass, type your full company name, the one that people will search for when ‘Googling’ you. If your company is new to Google, a hover box will appear and allow you to click ‘Create a business with this name’.

Google My Business Home Page

Step 2 – Check your business name

You will see the name of your business shown along with a link to Google’s terms and conditions – Just click the ‘Next’ button.

Step 3 – Choose your business category?

This can be tricky to get it exactly, but start writing the word that best describes your business, so building company, beautician, photographer etc. A list of suggestions will pop up as you write and click on the one that best reflects what you do. Don’t worry if you do multiple things, you’ll have the opportunity to add more services later on.

Step 4 – Add your location

Google will ask you if you have a location. If you have a shop, office, studio, or place where people visit, click yes and add all of your address details. This is where Google will generate your Google Map. If you are online-only, or don’t have a location, then hit no, and click next.

Step 5 – Where do you serve your customers

Are you a local business? If so add in your county or local town. Don’t worry, again you can add in more later. Or if you serve the whole of the UK, type in the United Kingdom. Worldwide? Leave it blank and hit next.

Step 6 – Add in your contact details

Add in your phone number and website address. You can leave the phone number blank if you are online only. 

Step 7 – Stay in the know

It’ll ask you if you want to receive useful information about setting up your business. We would suggest you choose ‘yes’ on this occasion, as Google will regularly send you reminders to update things that need updating, making sure your listing stays relevant and up to date.

And bingo. You’re done. Click ‘finish’ and you’ll be taken to your listing page. We’ll cover how that works in a separate post. But good job, you’ve set up your page and you’re one step closer to being found much easier on Google listings.

Check out our video below which shows you the steps as we go.

If you have got a listing, why not login now and add a few latest pictures and maybe do a short post. Is your listing up to date, have you completed everything you can to make sure your customers are reading the most recent information about your business?

Be Google’s friend and they will be yours.

If you’d like help setting up a Google My Business account please get in touch. We’d be happy to help.


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