Not sure where to start? Let us help.

A marketing overview? 

You need customers. You’ve advertised in the local paper. And you get recommended on Facebook, but you still need new customers? Don’t we all. However, you’re not techie, you don’t even know if you can update your website, let alone know how to change anything on it. And blogging, what on earth is that? Maybe you are doing all of this but it’s not making a difference? So you sit, mind whirring, not knowing where to start.

Believe me we’ve all been there. Every small business goes through overwhelm, on a regular basis. You’re busy doing the job you do, but don’t have time to think about the process of getting new customers, and even if you did, you’re not sure how to do it.

So take a minute. And see how we can help.

A simple to follow, jargon-free document – created just for you

That’s right. We’ll create a document, just for you, based on your business, giving you easy to implement steps to get your business on the marketing pathway.


What it’ll cover
In short. Everything you need it to, to raise your game.

We’ll give you guidance on everything regarding your business marketing. 

BRANDING – We’ll give you in-depth feedback on your brand, your logo, the fonts and colours you are using, along with suggestions on how to adapt them.

IMAGERY – Are you using old stock imagery that doesn’t connect with your customer? We’ll offer you recommendations on what to change and what to improve. Along with suggestions on image styling and content.

WEBSITE – We’ll go through your website content and layout to see if it is working as well as it could. We’ll give suggestions on change of layout, advice on content and imagery, along with ways to make sure your customers are finding it on the web.

SOCIAL MEDIA – We’ll look across all your social media platforms, tell you how often you should be posting, what you should be posting and how you can get the best from each channel.

BLOGGING – So very important to get your website ranking well. No matter what sort of business you own, whether it be a local building firm, a shop owner, or florist, we’ll give you top tips on the best content to excite and engage your customers, along with how best to promote it.

Plus so much more, how to build your Google My Business profile,  how to build an email list, advice on promotional ideas and cross promotion.



Feedback on your logo, branding, font and colours.


Advice on creating a perfect bio, content and layout.



Guidance on the best imagery to use to promote your business.


Suggestions on blog content, with ideas on how and when is best to post.


Are you creating the best customer journey, is your content relevant.


As well as Instgram and Facebook. Should you be using other platforms, like Twitter and Pinterest. 


How often and what are you posting? Are you making the most of your content?


Plus so much more from Google, emailing, and further advice to get your business noticed.


“We’re so pleased we invested in this. It’s really given us some easy to follow steps to get our small business off the ground. For the last few months we’ve struggled to know what to do next and how to gain new customers, but now we have the confidence to work on our marketing, without being overwhelmed by what to do and how to do it”. – Sally Williams  

So, you’ve decided this sounds good. And we promise we’ll make it easy. Once you’ve purchased, you’ll receive a questionnaire for you to fill in all the details about your business, along with your hopes for your business future. This will allow us to create your bespoke proposal.

Plus we’ll also give you the option to set up a short Zoom call to discuss your report once you’ve received it, to make sure everything makes sense and to answer any questions you might have.

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST – A one-off cost of just £99