A picture paints a 1000 words.

Isn’t that what someone famous said once upon a time?

Why Is Good Photography So Important?

Think about it. You’re an expert in your field. Your words are great, but your images are letting you down. You and your business have just 7 seconds to make a good impression, and with the sea of competitors fighting for your business, it’s often less than that. 

You have spent money developing your product or service, only for it to be let down with out-of-focus or bland stock imagery that doesn’t reflect your business or your price tag. 

But wait, isn’t good photography expensive? No, it doesn’t have to be. And believe me, it’s an investment worth paying for.


Business photography, what are the options?

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People buy people. If you are a service-based business and you are the face of the business, then be present, having great images of you, your workspace and the service you provide will not only increase trust but give you a great selection of images to use on your website, social media and all other marketing material.

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It’s not just about a simple product shot on a white background anymore, seeing products in use, or photographed in a more lifestyle type set-up is much more pleasing to the eye and gives people that helping hand when deciding if a product is right for them.

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Simple really. If you are a professional based service, make sure you have up to date professional and friendly-looking images of yourself on your website and social media. Please don’t use that nice picture of you in Lanzarote last year, or one of you and the dog. No. Do it properly. You have been told.


Brand photography might sound like a fancy phrase, but essentially its pictures of you doing what you do best. Whether you work from home, an office, or outside, having real images of you will not only promote trust, but it also increases engagement in your service. Yes, it’s true. People are much more likely to stop scrolling when they see high quality, relatable imagery. 

When you are visible throughout your marketing, potential clients will be able to see who they would be working with, get an insight into the process, and imagine themselves being a part of that experience.


I don’t have to explain myself here. We all know what a headshot is. But it doesn’t have to be a simple studio shot. Yes, if you are a professional service, then we would recommend having up-to-date clean friendly images on your marketing material. No fuss, just you.

However, they don’t have to be that simple. If you’re looking to update your headshots and you don’t really want the standard professional profile pic, well because, that’s just not your thing. Then let’s get outside, or in the coffee shop, or in your work environment. Every small business owner should have at least one professional image of themselves. So what are you waiting for.


You’ve spent a fortune creating your product. You’ve got the website built, and the online shop is ready to go. However your product imagery sucks. You’ve grabbed your phone and taken pics of all your products on the kitchen table (eek she shivers). Product photography, it’s not just popping your pics on a white background, place them in situ, let me understand what the feeling is like to own your product, let them get to know your brand through the quality of your product.

When people are parting with their hard earned cash, they want to know they are getting a quality product, right?


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